Intestinal Obstruction in Survivors of Childhood Cancer: A Report From the Childhood Cancer Survivor Study

Madenci A et al, 2015 Journal of Clinical Oncology                                                           

Link to abstract:

This report from the Childhood Cancer Survivorship (retrospective cohort) study looked at the cumulative incidence of intestinal obstruction requiring surgery occurring 5 or more years from cancer diagnosis in 12,316 5-year survivors (2,002 with and 10,314 without abdominopelvic tumors) and compared this to 4,023 sibling participants.  They found the cumulative incidence to be 5.8% among survivors with abdomino-pelvic tumors, 1.0% among those without abdomino-pelvic tumors, and 0.3% among siblings. They also found that developing late intestinal obstruction increased subsequent mortality among survivors.

*Take home message: we need to promote awareness of this complication among patients in our long term follow up service, particularly those with abdomino-pelvic tumors.