Germ cell cancer and multiple relapses: toxicity and survival

Germ cell cancer and multiple relapses: toxicity and survival

Lauritsen J, 2015, Journal of Clinical Oncology (Link to abstract)

This paper looks at the toxicities experienced by the small number of adult patients with extracranial GCTs who receive more than one line of treatment for disseminated disease as well as their overall survival.  It is a retrospective cohort study of 268 patients from Denmark.  The comparator group were patients with GCT who were treated with only one line of therapy or with surgery only. 

The authors report that approximately half of patients requiring more than one line of therapy die of their disease and that for the survivors there is significant increased risk of second cancer, major cardiovascular disease, renal impairment, neurological disorders and death as a result of other causes at median follow up of only 10.8 years.

*There is a high risk of subsequent relapse, secondary malignancy, and other late effects in patients treated for refractory GCT. These results could also apply to our adolescent population.

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