Real-time Imaging of the Resection Bed Using a Handheld Probe to Reduce Incidence of Microscopic Positive Margins in Cancer Surgery

Erickson-Bhatt et al, 2015 Cancer Research                        

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This group developed a handheld probe that uses Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) to try to differentiate between malignant and normal tissue in a surgical bed and a resection specimen (based on how organized the tissue appears) in an attempt to guide the surgeon as to the extent of resection. They tested the device in 35 breast surgery cases but did not suggest a change in management based on the findings. Histological assessment of the resection specimen was used as the gold standard.

*The sensitivity and specificity of this device for detecting positive margins were 91.7% (62.5% - 100%) and 92.1% (78.4% - 98%) respectively.