Ceritinib in patients with advanced anaplastic lymphoma kinase–rearranged anaplastic large-cell lymphoma

Richly et al, 2015 Blood                                                                

Link to abstract: http://www.bloodjournal.org/content/126/10/1257

Ceritinib is a novel, selective ALK inhibitor, which has been shown to induce complete tumor regression of crizotinib-resistant xenograft models of ALK+ ALCL. This study reported on 3 patients with ALK+ ALCL relapse who received Ceritinib on a phase I dose escalation trial as part of an expansion cohort of 304 patients with ALK+ve tumors (ASCEND-1 trial). Two patients achieved a complete response (CR) and 1 had a partial response (PR, 94.8% tumor reduction). Response was seen for at least 20 months in all treated patients. 

*This outlines Ceritinib as a potential agent in ALK+ ALCL.