Unrelated cord blood transplantation for childhood acute myelogenous leukemia: the influence of cytogenetic risk group stratification

Michel et al (2015) Leukemia                                                     

Link to abstract: http://www.nature.com/leu/journal/vaop/naam/abs/leu2015243a.html

The authors aim to look at results of UCBT in childhood AML according to cytogenetic risk group stratification and disease status at time of transplant. The study included 293 patients with AML, who received single unit UCBT. For time of transplant, 114 in CR1, 133 in CR2, 46 had more advanced phase of disease. Median follow up 49 months.  According to karyotype, patients classified into favorable, intermediate and unfavorable groups.

*They concluded that the best results were achieved for patients with unfavorable karyotype in CR1 (DFS 73%) and favorable karyotype in CR2 (DFS