Outcome of relapsed infant acute lymphoblastic leukemia treated on the interfant-99 protocol

Driessen et al (2015) Leukemia                                                 

Link to abstract: http://www.nature.com/leu/journal/vaop/naam/abs/leu2015246a.html

Infant ALL is known to have high relapse rate, but published data on the outcome of relapsed infant ALL is limited. This paper report on clinical outcome of infant ALL patients who relapsed in the Interfant-99 study (202 out of 478 patients). Median follow up 5.2 years (1 month – 10 years).

159 patients (78.7%) received relapsed treatment with curative intent, 87 underwent HSCT. The 3-year OS was 24.9%. For prognostic factors, young age, high WBC count at initial diagnosis, early relapse (within 2 years from initial diagnosis), and BM involvement were associated with inferior outcome. Comparison on treatment by chemotherapy alone vs HSCT showed advantage of HSCT for patients who had early relapse, but no advantage for patients who relapsed later.

*Authors concluded that relapsed infant ALL was not invariably lethal, treatment with curative intents and new therapeutic strategies may be beneficial.